Sunday, October 22, 2006

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 22-10-2006

22nd of October 06 watch 0.7.30 – 08.45
Weather: A dry morning with 30% cloud cover to the south/east. Temp 9c with visibility beyond 2 miles. The main weather feature was a F5 S/W wind with gusts reaching F7

Comments: Little movement noted with only Black Headed Gull and Carrion Crow showing any real sign of movement in a strong S/W wind.

Black Headed Gull >146 S/S/W
Stock dove >5E
Wood Pigeon > 23S/W
Alba Wagtail > 1S/S/E
Redwing > 79 S/W + 16N/W
Starling >18S/W
Carrion Crow >8 N/W + 13S/W
Chaffinch > 3S
Greenfinch > 9 N/W +2S/W



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