Sunday, November 12, 2006

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 12-11-2006

12th of November 06 watch 07.15-09.15
Weather: Dry with 30% cloud cover increasing to 50% with heavy dark cloud from the west around 8.00, Temp 7c F4 west wind with gust to F6. Visibility beyond 2 miles

Comments: Another excellent watch with Wood Pigeon moving through in vast numbers. As before the majority were to the east of Caldene Fields. However, there was also a movement to the N/E which I have not noted before. The largest movements were from 7.15 to around 8.30 when birds then trickled through.
Lapwing were also moving and for this site the numbers seen lately is quite uncommon. Cormorant is an uncommon passage bird here, the last bird on the 29/10/06 the same day as last major push of Wood Pigeon – interestedly I recorded another Cormorant today with another major push of Wood Pigeon !

Cormorant > 1S/W
Lapwing > 418 N/E
Wood Pigeon > 458 N/E + 1,962> S/S/W Total = 2,420
Fieldfare 95 >S/W
Starling > 45 N/W
Greenfinch > 31 N/W



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