Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oxenhope...spring kicks in! 31-01-2010

Ice reduced to 20%... (c)2010

Stratus fractus over the Ark... (c) 2010

0900 - 1100hr
W F2, -2degC hard frost, 65km, 6/8 cirrostratus, QNH 1002 rising

Considerable thaw since last week but sub zero weather from the north back again this weekend. Still no bird life on the moor and only the Great Tit seen in the wood with three Goldeneye on the opening water. In the sky however more diversity than last week with a couple of Stock Dove NW, also a Peregrine high and 106 pinks at 1045hr all going the same way.... northerly spring movement kicks in!... but No passerines in the sky at all and this week very few gulls.

Moving birds:
Stock Dove 2 > NW
Peregrine 1 > NW
Pink footed Geese 106 > NW
Black headed Gull 16 > SS
Common Gull 2 > SE

Great Tit 1
Goldeneye 3



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