Monday, March 28, 2005

New Maps

New Maps.
Just in case you havent seen them yet, Paul has today uploaded some new vis maps to the Visible Migration section.

Cold Edge Dams 28-03-2005

Thanks for that Brian. I know what you mean about disorientation - same here as well!!

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Thick fog throughout watch with about 15 mins semi clear. Slight >ENE breeze and periods of heavy drizzle. Proper Bank Holiday stuff.

Moving Birds:
Mipit 18 > N
Alba Wag 3 > N

2 Twite on niger seed.
Sev linnet now back.
Plenty blogging Mipits around waters edge.
1 disorientated Nick Carter trying to find Fly Flatts in the fog.


Watchpoint 28-03-2005

Members only watchpoint 28-03-2005
Monday28th March 2005
0655 - 0905hr
Weather and Sky:
A Re-run of yesterday but without the wind and penetrating cold. Another deteriorating morning, with fog forming, cloudbase dropping, existing fog becoming more dense, and intermittent very wet drizzle. Wind: initially NNE F2 @ 0530, remaining similar but swinging ENE F2 by 0700hr. Temp: initially 5 dp 5 @ 0530, still 5 (4degC @ wp) dp 5 @ 0700hr and remaining similar (3.5degC min at wp). Precipitation: dry initially, then very heavy, coat saturating drizzle setting in. Visibility: initially 200m at watchpoint, reducing 100m later. Cloud: 9ok sky obscured, throughout, initially low stratus, cloudbase @ c1000ftas @ 0700hr, with another very dark and late dawn due to deep cloud cover here, remaining similar but with light deteriorating, with deepening cloud rather than improving Base dropping to c750ftasl by 0910hr. Sunrise: 0651hr but no red ball here!! Pressure: static overnight with 1010 by 0530 and 1011 by 0900hr.

Worse than yesterday, with two Meadow Pipits being the only birds seen to be on the move. No other flight calls heard from moving birds at all! Yesterdays Goldcrests had gone, but the Willow Warbler was still present, with two short bursts of song heard today – even in the fog!! Suspect that this has got to be the same bird on its third day stay, grounded by atrocious conditions which have persisted throughout the last two days and again today. A short meander away from the watchpoint revealed nothing else moving but some what disturbing with no visibility or landmarks on the flat land – good job I had the GPS!! Communications with Brian and Nick confirmed identical (thus widespread) conditions at their stations as well. So off home for early for me as well. Might try later as Mick had mips moving on the moors yesterday afternoon after the fogs had cleared and clouds rolled back.

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 2 > NW

Willow Warbler