Thursday, August 16, 2007

Queensbury Tonight 16-08-2007

Heavy Showers, clear skies inbetween. W>F3

No Swifts tonight,
1 Alba Wagtail >W 2015hrs
9 Swallows >S 2030hrs
+ usual gulls, corvids and Starlings.

Wilsden Tonight 16-08-2007

A Break in the Clouds (c) 2007

Oxenhope 16-08-2007

Trough Lane,  2 Wheatear,
Nab water Lane,  3 Wheatear, 1 Whinchat,
Fly Flatts,  1 Wheatear, 1 Whinchat.
Brian Vickers.

Wilsden Tonight 16-08-2007

1850 - 2000hrs
W F3, Fresh, 4/8 to 8/8, Clear, Some Rain later on then skies clearing.
No Swifts again. An unexpected evening with big changes in the numbers of birds in the sky! Much of this is not vismig but none the less an interesting change. A House Martin crash with only a handfull of birds about in dramatic comparison to the swarming masses of last night. Many more Bradford bound Starlings however with groups of up to 50 going over. Also  a further increase in the numbers of mipits going west with one of the faultering groups being six strong. Also a few Mallard over, an unusual bird here. Gulls continue to be poor.
House Martin c10
Starling 456 > ESE
Mipit 16 > W
Woodpigeon 25 > NE
Mallard 7 > W
Small Gulls 27
Carrion Crow
Finch sp