Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oxenhope 12-03-2009

Goldeneye flypast (c) 2009

W F5 increasing F6, 7degC, 20km, 4/8, QNH 1017 rising
I managed to get out on the moor this morning, just long enought to concur that our mipits are continuing to creep through as well Mavis, just in singles so far and as yours, north and north east...... I even flushed a single from the deck this morning, the first encounter of this type, this year. Despite looking at three regular sites, no Wheatear in this area yet. albas seem to be coming back onto the moors and moving through now, all males as seen so far, one was even singing this am first thing.

It was this morning too windy here with a W F5, increasing later on, but tomorrow, a ridge with much less wind forecast and from the SW so I will see if I can get out early doors as conditions would appear much better.

Have just been out this evening and Redwings going over, so they must be on the move again now. We dont seem to get the thrushes at all at our site at Oxenhope at all in Spring except in the evenings when they roost on the moor, infact birds of any sort, except for the waders and Starlings have been very sparse to date. Will watch out for the Waxwing wave!