Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BIGVis-Mig! Methodology.

BIGVis-mig! Sunday 19th October 2008, 0700 – 1000hr

BASIC METHODOLOGY…… very simple!

Anyone in the UK can take part. The more contributions and the wider the spread the better.
The "counting period" is as stated above, if you wish to go on longer than 1000hr then do so but keep this supplimentary total outside the "counting period" separate.

Count each species in increments of 15 minutes starting at 0700hr ie incremental periods for us all will be:

0700 – 0715hr
0715 – 0730hr
0730 – 0715hr
and so on……

This incremental counting will enable immediate comparison of results between each site.
Identify and count all of the moving birds you see or hear at any distance using bins, scope or unaided vision and note their main or various directions of movement.

Record basic weather as we are all in the habit of doing, specifically noting any factors you may think are affecting the movement of birds.

If possible take a few digital photos of your outlook / counting conditions.

Write your basic report as we are all in the habit of doing but including both incremental totals and grand totals for each species. Finally simply attach a couple of your digital photos and email all to the VisMig Group as you would normally do for all to see.

Here are some links relative to weather, notes for beginners and on weather reporting which may assist.

Five Day Pressure Charts:

Seven Day Precipitation Wind and Pressure Charts:


MetCheck Weather Reports (Enter your site post code for best results)

Notes For Beginners and How To Report the Weather:



I will send this message out as both a SPECIAL NOTICE and a normal message to try to catch all of the Group members....... so you will get it TWICE!


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Hi all,All things considered I think we stick with the originally proposed date:Sunday 19th October 2008, 0700 - 1000 and continuing later if you are able to manage it..... we often find at Oxenhope that the "exotics" and sometimes fresh arrivals seem to crop up later in the morning!I will mail tonight and confirm methodology, all details and best weather forecast.The current 120hr chart for 0700 on that day albeit that there is a big Atlantic Low in the offing looks better over the whole area than for Sat 18th...... We can always have another go the following Sunday if birds or conditions seem as if they might be better!!Have made a note of all expessing interest to date and will make a list. Also will try to lobby other none members in Bradford who count vis to have a go as well.Who else wants to go on the list? It doesent matter where you are, the more the better to get the widest knowledge as to what is happening at that snapshot in time.


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Hi Jef etal
Before the UK wide VISMIG day which might take a bit of organising, how about having our own co-ordinated effort?
Whos up for next Sunday 19th October at where ever you wish to watch from?
Methodology as we have used before... essentially the same as the beds Big-mig. Details to be confirmed.
All interested please respond to this mail with confirmation of your watchpoint.


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Next thing we need is an UK-wide VISMIG day. We got them in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides a lot of good data it is really a take off for a Vismig group.

Jozef Leestmans
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