Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More Wigeon 13-09-2006

More Ducks today,
Members only res, 20 Wigeon flew in at 1150 to join the two long stayers.

Trough Lane, 5 Wheatear,
Nab Water Lane, 1 Whinchat.

Brian Vickers

Paul Clough 13-09-2006

Hello David
A light breeze from Flyflatts direction greeted me at Paul Clough this morning at 7.30. There were high clouds with clear blue sky areas but as the morning progressed, darker clouds came over from Halifax direction. The temperature started mild but become cooler and clammy.Birds on the move ( not many), S or SW unless stated.

7.30 Greenfinch 16, Chaffinch 2

7.45 Swallow, Goldfinch 9

8.00 Grey Wagtail 2, Swallow, Starling 34 - west

8.30 Meadow Pipit 20, Chaffinch 6, Swallow 2, Yellow Wagtail per Phil C. Beyond my I D skills!

8.45 Swallow

9.00 Starling 8 - west

9.15 Goldfinch 15, Swallow 11, Grey Wagtail

9.30 Goldfinch 23

9.45 Skylark 3

Worthwhile morning, if only because of the activity in the Clough. Many tit groups along with about 6 Willow Warbler/ Chiff-Chaff, juv Stonechat, 3 Siskin, Jay, 5 Bullfinch, 30 Greenfinch, Chaffinch flock, Spotted Flycatcher, Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Brown & Blackcap, so plenty to look at.

Joined by Phil C and Rod P.