Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oxenhope.... dusk/nocturnal! 21-04-2011

Redshank feeding.... after sunset (c) 2011

Wheatear.... at dusk... (c) 2011

Linnet on territory at dusk... (c) 2011

Curlew part feeding party back to the moor.... (c) 2011

Curlew feeding party back to the moor... (c) 2011

Golden Plover southerners off the moor to the moor field at dusk... (c) 2011

Another Curlew off the moor feeding.... edge of dark (c) 2011


SE F1, still warm after a hot sunny day, 10km haze, QNH 1010 falling

A hazy placid evening with stenching air from the cities rising onto the moor. Redshank six birds looking like three pairs still present, on and off the moor / in-byes, no copulation tonight but lots of excitement.... Curlews, feeders, both from the moor, in-byes and pastures present washing off as well as feeding/drinking.... a party of c nine left to return to the moor when disturbed and several singles went that way too. Curlews, three in high alarm over the in-bye owing to the attention of a pair of carrions told a tale. Linnet, first seen on territory this time. Wheatear about six females about. Golden Plovers, a party of nine came in to the moor field off the moor to join others that I couldnt see and three left back. c 32 northerners on the in-bye fields and seemingly more rippling further over that I couldnt see. Lapwings much more settled at dark now with barely a muff. Snipe however exceeding active with an additional bird now squeezed in and drumming (5) total and as on several of the nocturnal visits this time a Woodcock roding. Goosanders, none for some evening visits recently but tonight c15 at roost including lots of skateing and excitement. Dunlin trills were echoing over the water after dark.... Oystercatchers seemingly shut down for a while now.