Thursday, September 11, 2008

Various 11-09-2008

0700 hr conditions:
Oxenhope (no watch)
SSW 9mph gusting 29mph, 13.1degC, 25km vis, 4/8, QNH 1000 rising.

Report from Howard:
Had job done on car today - not finished till 11.00, hence decided to go to the Wharfedale watchpoint for early afternoon period.

No sign of any vis-mig as such, but much evidence of hirundines and mipits beginning to mass ready for the off. The Wharfe valley was literally full of hirundines especially, so plenty yet in store.

Report from Brian Sumner:
Foxhill, Queensbury. Steady flow of Mipits > S from early a.m. to midday

Report from Dave:
Today seems to have been a House Martin day elsewhere in the North with counts of up to 1300 > S. Those that Howard had in Wharfedale may well have been in the process of moving abeit having a rest and a feed! Our House Martins at Wilsden have nearly all gone now, I think only one pair left in the colony tonight.

Wheatear Report from Brian;
Wheatear 5 Nab Water Lane,
Wheatear 1 Fly Flatts,
Stonechat, 3 Trough Lane

Also: Shelduck, 4 Carlton Floods Skipton.