Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Oxenhope...empty skies! 07/08-06-2010

Monday 07-06-2010
SSW F2, 14degC, 35km, 7/8 cunim, QNH 1007 falling.
1840 - 1930

Humid all day with thunder storms moving up country but here mainly to our east. Helicopter buzzing round in the sky all of the time causing mass disturbance thus nothing on the deck with few birds present. Skies also empty of moving birds. A further increase in Canada numbers

LBB Gull 9
Canada Goose 30
Starling 250

Tuesday 08-06-2010
NE F2, 12degC, 60m fog stratus, 9/8, QNH 1002 falling.
1845 - 2005hr

Moderate rain and isolated storms over night and light rain throughout the day. Thick fog at the watchpoint and fog obviously not clearing before dark.

No moving birds seen.