Monday, February 27, 2006

Watchpoint 27-02-2006

Members only watchpoint 27-02-2006
Monday 27th February 2006
0845 - 1100hr
Weather and Sky:
A brilliantly crisp bright morning with wild lenticular skies, hard ground and little temperature rise. High cloud soon overdrawing. Wind: WNW F3 / F5. Temperature: +0.5degC at 0830hr increasing from 0945hr to 2.5degC by 1100hr. Ice persisting on puddles. Precipitation: none – Buckden Pike and Great Whernside well snow covered but other South Dales peaks less so. Visibility: 60km +. Cloud: initially lenticular from E – N – W, with altostratus to south. Cirrostratus and cirrocumulus gradually overdrawing from the north-west but with lenticular cloud persisting throughout. O/A 4 – 6ok. Pressure: 1021 reducing to 1019hpa by 1100hr.

Not a gull to be seen this morning and skies remaining virtually empty throughout! Lapwings - the bird of the day were in evidence with several long raggling strings moving high in the sky, travelling both to the south-south-east and to the north-west. Otherwise only a single group of 26 Fieldfare, again high in the sky moving west were to be seen. No moorland passerines seen or heard at all.

Moving birds:
Lapwing 35 > NW in four skeins
Lapwing 20 > SSE in two skeins
Fieldfare 26 > W

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Wild skies beyond the Water (S) Monday 27th February 2006 (c) Posted by Picasa