Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oxenhope co-ordinated watch

Been talking to Howard this morning and we are going to try a co-ordianated Oxenhope visible migration watch over the weekend if conditions are suitable to see which of our two watchpoints is getting the most birds.

From the charts, conditions on Friday still dont look as if they are going to be any better to me but Saturday and Sunday when we will be out both look ok for us so long as the showers arnt too long and to heavy! Maybe even a bit too flat and calm??Monday looks a bit doubtful now, but it is a long way off.

Any B.O.Group member wanting to join in at either watchpoint or anyone wanting watch elsewhere please mail me if you can, or post a comment.

Wonder if Andy, John (Washburn / Sandwith) and Martyn (Raw Nook) will be out? If the mipits and swallows are on their way it might be a good opertunity to compare.

As the time gets nearer, watch the charts to get the best weather indication.


Oxenhope 09-04-2009

Stratus fractus, below stratus (c) HC 2009

0715 - 1015hr Howard Creber

SW F5, 6.3 degC rising, 10km, 8/8 light rain after 1000hr, QNH 1007 steady.

Rain during the latter part of the night and at dawn sluffening any movement and no fall encountered. An abysmal morning with poor visibility, low powering fractus and some more light rain towards the end. The wind was supprisingly strong at 450m in relation to that in the valley. No vast Montanna skies this morning, no moving birds seen and hardly any birds at all on the wing. Just a few mipits parachuteing, three Lapwings dislaying, a Carrion Crow and a handfull of Curlews. Oh well, if its going to come, at least we havent missed the mipit wave. Better luck over the weekend? Do Saturday and Sunday still look good?

Birds noted:
Meadow Pipit 10
Lapwing 3
Carrion Crow 1
Curlew 4