Thursday, November 15, 2007

REPORT: Watersheddles Col 15-11-2007

Watersheddles Col is on the Lancashire / Yorkshire border and is a low east / west gap in the Pennines between the head of the Worth Valley in Yorkshire and Wycoller in Lancashire. Keighley Moor is to the north and Lancashire Moor to the south. OS Getamap is currently not working so I will post a grid ref for the site as soon as I can.

Hello Dave,
I went up to the west end of Water Sheddles res this morning (10.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs). F1 W. Clear blue skies with only contrails. Murky beyond Pendle Hill. There was a strong flow of Starlings going west into Trawden and Pendle between Dove Stones Moor and Wolf Stones - circa 1200 birds in 15 parties, the largest being 250 birds. One group of 50 came fast and extremely low over my head the downdraught from which produced ripples on my coffee - that will make Brian jealous - just kidding !! . All Starlings coming from the direction of Worth Valley.   
Also heard one Snow Bunting high overhead, but unable to locate in clear homogeneous sky.
No movement evident for other species except for:
1 x Peregrine
1 x Merlin
1 x Kestrel
1 x Stonechat 
Howard Creber