Friday, July 29, 2005

Shipley Re-inhabited

Hi Mark etal
Just been to do the Shopping at ASDA Shipley and screaming parties of Swifts (2030hr dropping dusk) now back over the car park there. About 15 seen at one go but could have been a more with a proper count. Dry, light NE wind with heavy cloud.

Swifts this Weekend

Swifts for this Weekend
Please keep looking for Swifts this weekend, any counts of numbers at colonies or congregations where ever, very welcome as well as counts / directions of moving birds showing a prominent movement direction in relation to the time you count for. See if the direction of any prominent movement is into the wind? We want to confirm whether the birds moved off because of the weather to come (Thursday here) – if so they will come back now conditions are improved. Or, whether they have left to move off back south and away, in which case comparative numbers where you count will be much reduced. Swifts will due to the time of year be moving off and away now in any case and being ariel feeders, it is possible that the weather may have hurried them along.

Also any counts of Swallows / Sand Martins moving, where ever, and showing directional prominence very welcome. The older juveniles are now moving off and away.

Swifts again

Many thanks for this Paul
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I've been reading your BLOG and the remarks re Swifts. Just a few things I can remember from this week. On Wednesday 27th there were about a dozen in the area of Haworth across from the station, screeching around the houses in their inimitable way. This behaviour I find fascinating, one of the best of experiences. Last Sunday (24th), whilst in York, at my daughters I noticed a good number of them feeding over the estate where she lives. At one point, as the weather changed and it became more unsettled with rain in the air I saw a large cluster of 100 plus circling overhead. There's still a few about here on the Glen and whilst up the Washburn on Monday (25th), Swifts were still about in small numbers.
Paul King.