Sunday, March 23, 2008

Summer is on its way

1923 watercolour detail (c) 2008

Otley Wetlands..... grounded migrants

early am

Grounded at Otley in a tight huddle were 30 Skylarks in a field. Later they were joined by another 15.

As I wandered on at least 60 Meadow Pipits were feeding among the rushes at the waters edge.
A smaller group of pipits were found further on near the boating lake.

There was no overhead movement recorded during my visit.


Norr Hill Wilsden 23-03-2008

Snow Ceasing at Dawn (c) 2008

Rombalds Moor from Norr Hill mid am (c) 2008

Golden Plovers > NW.... one of six skeins (c) 2008

0830 - 1200hrs
NNW F2 to Calm, -1 to 4degC, vis 30km, rapid thaw of lying snow, QNH 998.

Initially bitter cold and birdless but as the rapid thaw progressed things in the sky came to life quickly. Golden Plovers were the birds of the morning, with six skeins totalling 235 > NW seen and on several occasions calls from overflying birds heard but not seen. At c1100hrs a flock of six yellow billed Swans, assumed to be Whoopers were noted far out above Airedale at distance and possibly even above Rombalds Moor as they passed to the NW. At least three (pairs ?) of Skylarks were singing over the Hill once the thaw bit through to the green below. Several squadrons of Starlings totalling about 65 birds were noted late am powering east and unusually quite high in the sky! No Meadow Pipits were seen or heard but two Greenfinch overflew the Hill and a flock of 54 Wood Pigeons were in one of the adjoining fields. A big influx of Common Gulls was noted into the area with at least 250 in the fields around Cross Lane. Only a very few BH gulls were with them.

Moving Birds:
Golden Plover 235 > NW
yellow billed Swan 6 > NW
Starling c65 > E
Greenfinch 2 > E

Wood Pigeon 54
Common Gull c250
Goldfinch 1
Pied Wagtail 3


Norr Hill mid am (c) 2008

Baildon Moor from Norr Hill Wilsden.... white hills, black vallies (c) 2008