Sunday, September 06, 2009

Paul Clough 06-09-2009

Paul Clough, 0650 - 0830,
A quiet morning in the Clough with a few Meadow Pipits going south and again some Chaffinch, Goldfinch and Reed buntings. Meadow Pipits 45, Reed Bunting 4, Chaffinch 35, Goldfinch 14,Grey Wagtail 2.

Nab Water Lane,
1 Wheatear

Fly Flatts,
2 Wheatear, 2 Raven.

Brian Vickers

Oxenhope... Curlews phase three! 06-09-2009

Pre Sunrise... looking ENE (c) 2009

Clear Sunrise over the North Sea... just visible below a shelf of deep stratus (c) 2009

Late morning stratocumulus and fractus... looking north (c) 2009

0600-1200hr Dave Barker, Howard Creber, Keith Hillery

S F2 becoming WSW F3 then SW F4, 10degC at 0600hr, 65km reducing, 7/8 becoming 8/8, dry, QNH 1019 rising.

Another interesting morning with much Meadow Pipit movement but today nearly all of the birds were going west with by far the lesser proportion going southwest. Initially whilst conditions were calmish many were high and could be seen streaming oblequly way out across Airedale. The first south birds were at 0635 today, but not many went that way at all. The largest flock was c120 west but by 0850 the flow had almost stopped, only to resurge again just after 1000hr when many largeish flocks continued straight through west. Swallows also were moving and again all south and west. Of 14 albas seen.... four were confirmed whites and several of the others going over sounded decidedly "grey" suggesting more whites than we could confirm. Most interestingly the first moving birds seen were two Curlews west at 0615hr. During the morning more passed west and north west, the first seen at this site for some weeks now confirming Curlew phase three movement has now commenced. The largest group was four.

Moving birds in order of appearance:

Curlew 12 > W and NW

Meadow Pipit 1101 > W and SW but mainly W

LBB Gull 34 > SW

Swallow 337 > S and W

alba wagtail 10 > W

White Wagtail 4 > W

Sparrowhawk 1 > S

Sand Martin 8 > SE

Chaffinch 2 > S

Greylag Goose 1 > E

Grey Wagtail 2 > W

Tree Pipit 1 > SW

Snipe 6 > S and W

Cormorant 6 > SW

BH Gull 116 > S

Mistle Thrush 1 > W

House Martin 10 > W

Canada Goose 28 > E

Wheatear 4 > W

Reed Bunting 2 > W

Painted Lady 2 > W


Stainburn Moor... even more mips! 06-09-2009

0640-1155hr A Hanby, J Blacker

8/8 cloud mostly thought 6/8 for a bit. Cool/cold at first. Wind S veering W 3-4 max
Visibility very good till late when increasing haze.

As Yesterday the highlight was Meadow Pipit. We seem to do very well for these but fail to get the variety seen at other sites.

Goose Sp 9 S down the far side of the Washburn

Greylag 41 S Harrogate side

Lapwing 500+ in area , up from c50 last weekend

Snipe 7 in / W ( ie came from east landed or kept going)


Common Gull 9 SW

Woodpigeon 45 S-- notably up in nos

Buzzard 3 locals

Red Kite 4 loafing birds.

Hobby 1 juv East (ish)- was hunting

GSWP 3 inc one S

Meadow Pipit 3,221 SW - hourly counts (except last no) were 1360, 967, 454, 342, 72, 26 (15 mins). The movement was more West shifted than yesterday with more towards the Washburn- id estimate 65% Washburn side of our spot (yesterday was c20%)

Alba Wag 4S,

Grey Wag 4S

Swallow 235 W

Sand Martin 8S

Siskin 55 S

Greenfinch 19S

Starling- not def migrating but 400-500 in area have appeared in the last week

Wheatear 3 in from East

Great Tit 1N

Corvids- c300 in area- up markedly on last weekend.

Still no sign of Osprey here but as I was getting ready to leave a chap popped up who said he'd had one over our spot a week or two back.

Andy and John

Back Lane Ogden 06-09-2009

0745-1000hrs Calm then W F3-4. Cloudy and cool

A quieter morning but Swallows still coming through well using the same flight path as last week. Meadow Pipits moving west were high with no great sense of urgency whilst some were moving south mixed in with the Swallows. One flock of House Martins came through south and an adult Hobby came through east scattering the Swallows.


98 Meadow Pipit > W some > S
209 Swallow > S
11 House Martin > S
2 Snipe > SSW
1 Hobby > E
6 Greenfinch > W
2 Redpoll > W

Brian Sumner

Paul Clough 05-09-2009

Paul Clough 0645-0830hr.

Swallows and Meadow Pipits moving into the wind throughout, with small flocks of Chaffinch moving up the Clough in good numbers for this time of year, along with a few Greenfinch, Bluetits & Greattits,Chaffinch 50+, Greenfinch 10, Bullfinch 6,Reed Bunting 4, Willow warbler 1, Spotted Flycatcher 1, Song Thrush 1.

Brian Vickers.