Friday, September 11, 2009

Oxenhope...Contrail vis!... 11-09-2009

Air-Berlin... Germany... new livery... going east (c) 2009

This cargo transporter went low NW... from distant parts! Cathay Pacific Cargo, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong. (c) 2009

Wizzair Hungary Airlines (c) 2009

Dave and Howard


Nab End, Rombalds Moor... 11-09-2009

From 8.00 to 9.30.

Nab End - 28 Meadow Pipits, 2 Woodpigeon, Pied Wagtail and a Swallow.

Never been there before when there was absolutely no wind at all for the first hour.

Shaun Radcliffe, Winston Pell & John Preshaw.

Oxenhope... first? local pinkies over 11-09-2009

Pre Sunrise... looking east to clear interface between opaque stratus and stratocumulus (c) 2009

Cormorants going South overhead (c) 2009

0630 – 1115hr Dave Barker, Howard Creber, David Parker

Calm initially becoming E F1 by 0913 rising E F2, 11degc at 0600hr, 65km, 8/8 becoming 2/8, QNH 1039 rising.

No open sky until mid morning here with the early part of the morning fully overdrawn. Initially the far eastern sky was bright but opaque stratus wit stratocumulus overhead. The Goosander roost had further increased to 63 and during the morning two small very high groups overflying were indicative of continuing movement. Mipits however were still on the move albeit considerably less than yesterday and virtually all south today. Mistle thrushes moving in the sky to day with singles and a couple of small parties high up all generally south. At 0726 the unmistakable calls from a high unseen distant Fieldfare were unexpected but very welcome. However Pinkies, the first known local skeins of the autumn moved south in three skeins with 5 > S at 0737, 11 > S at 1039 and finally 31 > S at 1050 (DP) totalling 47. There may well have been continuing passage but unfortunately time was such that I had to leave but at least they are now here overhead in the vis counts now.

Moving birds in order of appearance:
Meadow Pipit 684 > S
Mistle Thrush 13 > generally S
Swallow 63 > San W
alba wagtail 5 >Sand W
Goldfinch 2 > W
Goosander 14 > W and S
Linnet 11 > W
Starling 1 > NW
Greenfinch 5 > W
Fieldfare 1 calls heard from high in sky
Pink footed Goose 47 > S
LBB Gull 43 >SW and NW
BH Gull 340 > S and SW
Lapwing 214 > NW
Grey Wagtail 5 > W
Woodpigeon 2 > W
Cormorant 2 > S
Chaffinch 25 > S
Snipe 10 > SW, NW and S
Siskin 7 > SW
Skylark 1 > W
House martin 21 > S
Raven 1 > W
Wheatear 2 > W

Stonechat 3…. First birds for some considerable time.

Version with day photographs will follow this evening.