Thursday, September 29, 2011

mip - finch interface!... 2011-09-29

 Sunrise.....(c) 2011
Yet more sour milk!!..... (c) 2011

S F2/3, 0ok, 13degC 13km, QNH 1022 rising 1023
0625 - 1200 DCB, HC, GH

To me, the most significant thing today were several migratory calls of a skylark (s) passing overhead at home in total blackness whilst stacking the car at c0600... confirming to me that this species can migrate by both night and day.... never actually heard them passing at night before! The mip finch interface today, with finches becoming dramatically prominent in the count.... yet more "sour milk" in the sky reduced visibility and bird detection substantially... but nevertheless a good morning with lots of "october" spirit in the sky.

mip 578
alba 35
Linnet 27
Goldfinch 11
Wheatear 2
starling 13
Reed Bunting 4
Siskin 142 + nine unseen flocks
Skylark 10
Swallow 343
Greenfinch 48
chaffinch 90
Mistle Thrush 2
Greylag 1
pink 11
LBB Gull 11
Redpoll 3 + one unseen flock
Lapwing 6
Red Admiral 20
sand Martin 1
Carrion Crow 2

Dave, Howard and Gordon.

sour milk!!.... 2011-09-28

 Pre sunrise.... (c) 2011
 Pre sunrise.... (c) 2011
 Post sunrise fogs in the vallies.... (c) 2011
Just EMPTY.... (c) 2011

S F4/5, 0ok, v warm, 15km, QNH 1025 falling 1023
0630- 1145hr DCB, HC, LW

A strong warm southerly wind. A very poor morning lead to and early finish... empty and sour milky skies with no sign of yesterdays Buzzard passage.... however a call from DJS at lunchtime gave renewed hopd and induced another visit.... also negative except for a couple of Buzzards drifting south and a moderate skein of pinks.

mip 179
Wheatear 2
alba 21
Goldfinch 40
Linnet 16
Crossbill 6 + unseen flock
Song Thrush 1
Merlin 1
pink 6
Siskin 31 + 7 unseen flocks
BHG 10
Chaffinch 6
Red Admiral 14
greenfinch 18
Linnet 4
Cormorant 1
Skylark 2
Swallow 2
Golden Plover 1
Starling 12

1330 - 1445hr DCB

pinks 72
Buzzard 2
Skylark 10

Dave Howard and Lester

buteo circus!!.... 2011-09-27

Pre sunrise.... (c) 2011
Sunrise.... (c) 2011
fractus dispersing.... (c) 2011
Mid morning ceiling.... (c) 2011
buteo circus in the sky.... a multiple "big top" migrational performance!... (c) 2011
circussp..... the real ringtailed thing!!.... (c) 2011
jays going through.... (c) 2011
Wheatears dropping in.... (c) 2011
Wheatear lifting off.... (c) 2011
pinks, pinks and pinks.... (c) 2011
pinks past the gate.... (c) 2011
the leaders of the skein.... low overhead.... (c) 2011
Skylarks dropping in.... (c) 2011

SSW F1/2 becoming SW F3 4 ok, 11degC and rising, 60km, QNH 1025 rising 1027

0630-1400hr DCB, HC, LW

High pressure setting in......Another thrilling day but with fewer mips/albas but compensated with mass (for here) Buzzard influx and migration. The first definate redwing of the season was heard high overhead in the calm and blackness of pre sunrise first light.... a good sign. Mipits seemed slow in comparison to yesterday but the end count was very respectable. Raptor passage was the main event ot the day however with a unprecedented influx/passage of Buzzards (normally absent here) into and through the area. At one time a multiple kettle was noted and eleven birds were located in a short space of time as they drifted south and east... as many as sixteen could have been involved in the passage. None the previous day with all gone the next day confirmed the passage never seen before in out dale, as genuine! A rintail picked up at great height interacting with one of the Buzzards was a teriffic find... it kept on going passing straight through also at height. Red Admirals were impressive with a broad front movement in place

Redwing 1+
mip 1950
alba 49
Goldfinch 48
Redpoll two unseen flocks
Linnet 14
Reed Bunting 2
Curlew 2
Linnet 22
Siskin five unseen flocks hear
Swallow 32
Dunnock 2
Stock Dove 1
Starling 16
finch sp 10
Jay 2
Song Thrush 1+
House Martin 5
Crossbill 2 + an unseen flock
Wheatear 4
Cormorant 1
Raven 3
pinks 50
Skylark 17
Red Admiral 20
Buzzard 11 - 16max
Sparrowhawk 6
rintail 1

Dave, Howard and Lester