Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Queensbury 14-08-2007

Same here Dave at Queensbury, after a full day of fog and rain the skies cleared after tea but no birds whatsoever. Even the daily passage of gulls failed to materialise.

Swifts and Weather 13-08-2007

It never fails to excite me how the peaks of Swifts correspond with approaching LOWS. Just been looking at the weather charts for 0000hr on 13th and 14th,


and select 13th and then 14th. it looks to me as if yesterdays flurry of moving Swifts was more likley to be due to the LOW over the Northern Isles than the one approaching over the Atlantic which they would undoubtably hit. Assuming this flurry were genuine movers, I wonder where these Swifts are now and which route they might have taken for the best? Could they have avoided todays LOW over the UK? A satellite tracking study would be most revealing...... if the birds could be caught and/or even carry the radios!? Anyone know of any satellite tracking study with Swifts?


PS have been watching tonight (14th) in clearing skies after the day of rain stopped but have drawn a blank.......