Friday, June 10, 2005

Watchpoint 09-06-2005 eve

Members only watchpoint 09-06-2005
Thursday 9th June 2005 eve
1920 - 2150hr (sunset 2135hr GPS)
Weather and Sky:
A fine but mainly cloudy evening, more windy than expected. Wind dropping and cloud thinning towards dark, with good sunset. Wind: initially NW F4, reducing NW F2 by dark. Temp: 18 dp 12, reducing 16 dp 11. Visibility: Leck / Ferrybridge, improving Drax. Cloud: altocumulus to west, deep cumulus to east, initially 6ok, reducing 4 ok. Pressure: steady fall 1028.

Sunset over the South Pennine Moors (c) DCB

Sorry its only a sunset but there were no birds!!

Bird-less skies. Almost total gull famine. All evening I only had 9 LBBG > NW and 2 BHG (1 > N and 1 > S) anywhere in the sky and its pretty big up here. No gulls on the water at all, so I think its safe to say that here there are very few gulls moving through yet. Calm before the storm!! MD concurs ""very few gulls about in Airedale"" Otherwise a trickle of Swifts going generally > SW and 28 Starling > east in high and purposeful (roost bound?) flight. And that’s about it for the movers!

Birds in the sky:
Lesser black backed Gull 9 > NW
Black headed Gull 2 > (1 > N and 1 > S)
Swift c100 > SW, excluding many more static birds.
Starling 28 > E

Some Others:
Linnet, a group of nine ad reacting to disturbance.

Greylag Goose 9 into roost