Saturday, August 01, 2009

Oxenhope... a wash out! 01-08-2009

S F3 swinging SW F3, 14degC at 1200, showers, 20 reducing 5km rain, 8/8, QNH 1006 falling.

A very wet morning throughout with rain beginning to cease just before lunch time but rain never very far away throughout the afternoon. An unexpected unidentified moderate sized wader was flushed from the shore upon arrival, it flew off low south. Very little moving during the afternoon except for BH Gulls sometimes in moderate parties going both north west and south west. LBB Gulls also passing through but many fewer than the black heads. Swallows including lots of young birds were congregating in feeding parties above the embankment but except for the variable numbers noted throughout the afternoon there was little evidence of movement.

Moving birds:
BH Gull 119 > SW and NW
LBB Gull 16 > NW
wader sp 1 > S