Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Keighley Moor 20-02-2008

The Hanging Stone or Watersheddles Cross, Hob Ing (c) 2008

Too hazy for views and too cold for the vis today (0700hr, -8C at Wilsden this morning), so a meander to search out some old friends again amongst the rocks and stones today. So cold infact that the camera battery packed in three times. No vis seen or heard today and Red Grouse were the most prolific birds. Otherwise just a single Meadow Pipit near Earls Crag and thats it for today.


Hoar Frost..... Slippery Ford (c) 2008

Advection (wind) Frost...... Study (c) 2008

Wainman's Pinnacle, Earl Crag (c) 2008

The Hitching Stone, Cowling.... As BIG as a House.... The Largest Stone in Yorkshire (c) 2008

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The Winter Hill Stone, Cowling.... note the cup marks around the base (c) 2008