Friday, February 29, 2008

Haworth Moor.... Some Old Prints

Top Withens ("Wuthering Heights") a 1912 sketch.
Current photograph of roofless preservation to follow!

The Moorland Road.... a pre 1899 print.

Bronte Bridge.... a pre 1899 print.

The original bridge as shown here was destroyed by flash flooding on 19th May 1989 and was reconstructed (as shown in the 01-03-2008 photograph above) in March 1990. As most of the material was washed down stream by the torrent the materials used were not the original!

A very wet and very very windy day today, so no moorland walks. Next best thing, reading up the literature in prep for tomorrow!! Winds gusting up to more than 70mph 2100 - 2200hr, Violent Storm F 11.