Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wilsden 06-07-2008

Sundog in Cirrostratus (c) 2008

2000 - 2130hr
NW F1, 13degC, Clear, 4/8, QNH 996 steady.

Weather settled down a bit since this afternoon with a wind swing bringing placid conditions. Several cumulonimbus at various points on the horizon, but here idealic. Small gulls on the move tonight > SE, possibly related to the horrendous conditions earlier in the day followed by the dramatic change and wind swing this evening as the LOW tracks E. At least five large high flying groups were seen on the move and all going SE. Sky watches during recent evenings have seen very very few gulls going anywhere but tonight..... different!! Otherwise just one or two Swifts going east.


Oxenhope 06-07-2008

Swallow with food (c) 2008

1400 - 1630hr

S F2, 19degC, 45 - 6km, 4/8, a very wet morning but rain now ceased, several cumulonimbus visible... various thunder storms in progress. QNH 996 falling.

Not as much movement as yesterday but Swifts constantly going south and gulls, LBB Gull and BH Gull going E and NE. A Single Lapwing went high SW.

Moving Birds:
Swift 34 > S
LBB Gull 51 > E and NE
BH Gull 11 > E and NE
Lapwing 1 > SW
A Common Sandpiper was feeding "close in" along the shore: