Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wheatears 23-04-2005

Hi Brian, thanks for the info. One flew across the road here In front of my car this afternoon, Dave.
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3 Wheatears: Trough Lane today Am.

Hirundines > N 23-04-2005

Members only watchpoint 23-04-2005
Saturday 23rd April 2005
1500 - 1600hr
Weather and Sky:

Morning cloud and fogs cleared, now bright and sunny with little cloud. Wind: E F4-5. Temp: 11 dp 4: Visibility: 19km max quite hazy. Cloud: Cu mediocris 3ok. Pressure: static 1012.

Hirundines moving strongly more or less into the wind with at least 71 counted > NNE ish in the one hour watch. Birds were moving very thinly across a broad front, coming over the ridge to the south-west of the watch point. Approximately a 6km (3km to NW and 3km to SE) length of ridge was watched, best as possible and counted continuously during the hour period. There were long periods with no birds and most were higher than expected. All went straight through with none seen coming down to the water. No other moving passerines seen.


Watchpoint 23-04-2005 am

Members only watchpoint 23-04-2005
Saturday 23rd April 2005
0815 – 1000hr
Weather and Sky:
A very gradually improving but bitterly cold morning. Low cloud, which with altitude becoming deep fog in hills with very poor visibility. Wind: initially ENE F3 @ 0645, becoming ENE F4 by 0820, then remaining similar but starting to swing further north. Temp: initially 3 dp 2 @ 0645, then 3 dp 3 by 0730, 4 (2 degC @ wp) dp 3 by 0810 and finally 5 (3degC @ wp) dp 4 by 1000hr. Visibility: above cloudbase (1150ft asl) 200m, similar until 0915 when cloudbase lifting to c1300ft and visibility improving to c1000m, becoming 6000m by 1000hr.Vertical visibility: closed throughout. Cloud: low stratus 9ok throughout, base as previously noted, remaining similar but base rising to c1400ftasl with block over western moors throughout. Pressure: static overnight and through first part of morning @ 1013.

As might be expected with the above conditions a birdless morning at this altitude with deeply silent skies and no noise except for the wind in the ears and a single Chaffinch singing in the wood. The only moving bird was a single Curlew, straight through > NE @ 0930 after cloudbase beginning to lift. Otherwise the morning was only notable for the several Common Sandpipers (influx - 4 seen at same time) now returned. No moving passerines at all.

Moving Birds:
Curlew 1 > NE

Common Sandpiper 4 (first)

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Might try again this pm?