Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pipits Invade from the South! 15-03-2009

Oxenhope W Yorks 15-03-2009


This fellow stopped for a rest!!

0745 - 1100hr Dave Barker and Howard Creber.

WNW F3, 3.9 rising 10degC, 40km, 4/8 high alto sp and cirrus increasing stratus 7/8, QNH 1029 rising 1031.

The first morning this year of REAL passerine vis for us too John! Meadow Pipits moving well throughout, mainly in singles and twos, but several groups of up to four went through. Most that were seen breasted the ridge to our SW at c1400ft and then lost height low over the moor so were difficult to see, but all continued hard north out over the Worth basin. As it was difficult to pick up the low movement over the fields to our north east we concentrated very much on the ridge breasting birds so our count is absolute minimum! Despite many singing over the in-bye Skylark were also still also on the move with small groups moving at only moderate height W and NW. Stock Doves were going for it as well with several pairs moving N and NW some were skimming the ridge but others were much higher. A single male Stonechat was back on the moor and later conversation with BV at Leeshaw advised that he had had his first Wheatear of the year above Nab Water Lane, Oxenhope..... his earliest ever in many years of local observations!!

Interestingly John, we also had a very high single Magpie, powering east!

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 122 > N
Skylark 12 > W and NW
Golden Plover 3 > W
Curlew 4 > W
Grey Heron 1 > S and 1 > W
alba wagtail 5 > N
Wood Pigeon 1 high > NE
Stock Dove 11 > W and NW
Starling 22 > N, 9 > S, 260 blogging.
Redshank 3 > NW
Carrion Crow 4 > N
Reed Bunting 1 > N
Fieldfare 20 > NE (two flocks)
LBB Gull 9 > NW
Common Gull 3 > NW
Kestrel 5
Magpie 1 high > E

Stonechat 1
Wheatear 1 (BV Nab Water Lane)

Prior to arriving at the watchpoint I checked the Trough for Wheatears but there were none. Many Lapwings now on territory but still several large flocks about.

Lapwing on Territory Today (c) 2009

Occasional Series..... forms on Soil Hill..... Spot the jis!! (c) 2009

Dave and Howard

Back Lane Ogden 15-03-2009

Back Lane Ogden, W Yorks.
15/03/2009 0730-1015hrs Sunny cool NNW> 4

2 Curlew
2 Snipe
2 Red Grouse
43 Meadow Pipit >N
72 Woodpigs in field
6 Lapwing >N
15 LBB Gull >NW
25 Redwing >E
8 Fieldfare >E
1 Sparrowhawk
5 Linnet
3 Stock Dove
12 Golden Plover >W
18 Skylark
1 RAVEN >W mobbed by corvids
1 Roe Deer


Sandwith Moor 14/15-03-2009

Latest from Sandwith Moor, Harrogate, N Yorks.

On Sunday exciting movements of: Mipit increasing from 7:30 at 1/min peaking around 09:30 at 10-15/min in singles to groups of 8; high flying, silent redwing + the alert from 3 cackling, accompanying fieldfare; also large gull movement including impressive flock of 20GBBG + others in smaller groups.

Lots of anticipation here as spring gathers pace!

Saturday 14th Mar 2009
08:30-9:30 abandoned due to wind
Wind 5-6 W; Temp 8oC ; Cloud: 5/8-7/8 ; Vis 20km

Mipit 57 N
Grey Wagtail 1 N
Greylag 5 W

Sunday 15th Mar 2009
Wind 2-3 W-NW ; Temp 6-13oC ; Cloud: 3/8-5/8 ; Vis 35-50km

Mipit 430 N
alba Wagtail 6
Redwing 150 + Fieldfare 3 N
Herring Gull 7 NW
Common + BHG not counted
Magpie 3 N
Finch sp.
Goldfinch 6 N
Starling 39 N

John Blacker and Andy Hanby