Friday, July 25, 2008

Oxenhope 25-07-2008

Pre Roost Dread (c) 2008

A Small Section of the Pre Roost (c) 2008

1730 - 2030hr
ESE F2 changing SW F2 @ 1940hr, 26degC, Haze 20km, 7/8 cumulonimbus, QNH 1009 falling then rising.

An idealic evening on the edge of the weather with lots of activity (including an approaching thunder storm) in the skies. The large pre roost gathering of gulls, often dreadding, left exceptionally high ESE in long lines and skeins in conjunction with a change in the wind at 1940hr. A Greenshank arrived from the north at 1905hr and also left ESE at 1940hr. A Whimbrel tittering at well spaced intervals overflew NE > SW at 2005hr. A line of five Curlew overflew E > W at 2015hr. More gulls kept comming in after the masses had left and would probably be roosters.

Moving Birds:
Greenshank 1 > ESE
Whimbrel 1 > SW
Curlew 5 > W
Swift 24 > E

LBBGull 356
BHGull 760
Common Gull 11
Mediterranean Gull 1 ad
Herring Gull 3
Yellow Legged Gull 1
Dunlin 4
Goosander 5
Mallard 15
Canada Goose 21
Common Sandpiper 1
Pied Wagtail 3
Golden Plover 1


Off high ESE @ 1940hr (c) 2008

Goosander Arriving (c) 2008

Gathering Gloom (c) 2008