Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keighley Moor 28-02-2008 some detail

Lancashire - Yorkshire Boundary Marker at Wolf Stones (c) 2008

Nardus and Juncus (c) 2008

Keighley Moor 28-02-2008 continued

Looking east from Wolf Stones trig station (c) 2008

Keighley Moor, Oakworth Moor and Wolf Stones 1200 - 1700hr, W F4, overcast, visibility hazy.

A much better day on this Moor!!! but birds still very sparse. Linnets at Hare Hills, Chaffinch- several in the Pine Wood, a pair of Stonechats on Scotland Hill, A Peregrine over Keighley Moor Reservoir, 3 Goldeneye and 6 Mallard on the water, Oystercatcher heard, at least 15 Golden Plover spread out over the high moor tops, c60 total Red Grouse seen throughout now in pairs, several Wrens in the heather. No visible migration seen.


Watersheddles from Wolf Stones. Note the North Rake of Lancashire Moor beyond the reservoir (c) 2008

The Pendle massif from Wolf Stones (c) 2008
On a very clear day Blackpool Tower, Ribble Estuary and Snowden can be seen from this Wolf Stones watchpoint!!!

Wolf Stones.... looking west (c) 2008

Fairy Fold Dike and Keighley Moor Reservoir (c) 2008

Keighley Moor 28-02-2008

Oakworth Moor, looking NW (c) 2008

Keighley Moor Reservoir (c) 2008

The missing "Old Bess"??? now recumbent 100 paces away from its mapped position (c) 2008

Unknown Marker, Bare Hill (c) 2008

"The Sea" east of Wolf Stones (c) 2008