Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thruscross, Washburn Valley 25-04-2009

The highlight today were 6 Cuckoo, in groups of 1N, 2NW, 2NNW, 1N; the first 5 within about a 1 hour time frame from around 7:30 moving determinedly, the last calling and taking its time before moving-off.
Also first swift of the season and on the res 2 c.sandpiper.

25th April 2009, 07:00-11:00 Thruscross Res.,
Wind 1-2 SE-SSE; Temp 6oC ; Cloud: 1/8-4/8 ; Vis 40km

Cuckoo 6 NW-N
Swallow 8 NW
Swift 1 NE
Sand Martin 8 N
Mipit 2 NW
Siskin 7 NW
Redpoll 19 NE
Goldfinch 7 N-NW
Linnet 2 NE
Chaffinch 2 NE
Starling 3 E
Grey Heron 1 N

Local: Tufted Duck 3, Common Sandpiper 2,

John Blacker and Andy Hanby

Oxenhope 25-04-2009

The Big Picture.... open sky at sunrise (c) 2009

The Front Edge of the Front moving up from the south (c) 2009

LBB Gulls still pouring through > NW... down flap (c) 2009

LBB Gulls still pouring through > NW... up flap.... please wipe my mouth!! (c) 2009

RacingVis...... exciting stuff!!..... (c) 2009

Mipit of the day.... this one intent on feeding nearby(c) 2009

Real Pigeon Vis..... Woodies going east (c) 2009

Real Raptor Vis!!!! .... This "fantastic flyer" picked up on approach from the far SE, came right overhead soaring and in level flight and onward NW until lost from scope view over Lancashire....Here is a montage of some of the shots taken as it soared gaining height almost overhead.... (c) 2009

0555 - 1100hr D Barker / H Creber
E F2 increasing E F5, 5degC initially, 3000m increasing 20km Haze, 1/8 increasing 5/8 front passing over, QNH 1007 falling.
OXENHOPE SENTRY: An interesting morning, absolutely dead at the start and for a considerable while, with birds seeming to start coming with the increase in temperature and clearance of haze as the morning moved on. The most interesting things this morning were a mini move of Woodpigeon all going east in groups of up to 15. Goldfinches were moving thinly in singles and small flocks all NW throughout the morning. LBB Gulls were still pouring through, ultimately NW. A single Jay flapped high East over the in-bye and a peg..... first picked up at distance on approach high from the SW, soaring almost overhead to gain height and then onward in level flight NW until lost from scope view high over Lancashire... a wonderful experiance! Without doubt the last part of the morning was better than the first! A "townie" race throughout the morning with the route directly above us lead to some exciting "racingvis" with many flocks passing either side and overhead going hard north!
Moving Birds in order of appearance:
Starling 1 > NW
Meadow Pipit 14 > NW
Woodpigeon 37 > E
Swallow 14 > N
Goldfinch 18 > NW
LBB Gull 298 > N and NW
Herring Gull 1 > W
Goosander 5 > NE
alba wagtail 7 > W and NW
Skylark 1 > E
Wheatear 1 > N
Sand Martin 1 > E
BH Gull 1 > E
Carrion Crow 13 > N
Peg..... 1 > NW
Linnet 2 > NW
Jay 1 > E
Dave and Howard