Sunday, June 25, 2006

Watchpoint 25-06-2006

Members Only Watchpoint 25-06-2006
Sunday 25th June 2006
0800 - 1000hr.
Weather and Sky:
An overcast morning with light northerly swinging east to bring the stench of the cities. Wind: N F1 to E F3. Temperature: 13 rising 19degC. Visibility: 3 – 5km. Cloud: 8ok strato. Pressure: 1014hPa steady.

Interesting this morning the first gathering and then moving group of Swallows with 15 off SE. Otherwise just Lapwings NW and a few Swift east and into the wind. A single Grey Wag went west.

Moving Birds:
Swallow 15 > SE
Swift 20 > E
Lapwing 23 > NW
Grey Wag 1 > W
Oystercatcher 1 > SE
Starling 55 > N

Lapwing 120 loafers.