Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oxenhope 23-05-2009

Oystercatcher Flypast.... Flock of Five... Four images (c) 2009
0715 - 1030hr
S F3 reducing S F1, 12degC, 30km haze, 2/8 increasing 8/8 stratus, QNH 1017 steady.
Initial open skys soon over drawing from the west leaving just a narrow strip open to the far east. A day of little movement here with the highlight being a flock of five Oystercatchers (in addition to the locals) powering south.... wondering if these are failed breeders owing to heavy rain / massive rise in water levels locally. Otherwise apart from a calling, overflying bird that I diddnt see and couldent recognise just a few Swifts going north, with the wind!!
Moving Birds:
Oystercatcher 5 > S
Swift 21 > N
LBBGull 52 > NW
Starling c50 in the in-byes including juvs... the first seen here this year

Best in Show!

Pied Flycatcher (c) S Lilley 2009

Ringed Plover (c) B Nield 2009