Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wilsden 24-07-2008

Common Gull > E.... upperwing (c) 2008

Common Gull > E.... underwing (c) 2008

1845 - 1945hr
E F2, 18degC, haze, 7/8, QNH 1016 falling.

Again lots of gulls, including LBBG's and Commons, on the move but nowhere near as high as last night. Again contrary to last night rather than in singles and twos the gulls came in waves not too far above the roof tops. All were going purposefully east into the wind. A few Swallows, unusual for here, were picked up moving high south, one that was scoped was seen to be a bird of the year. No Woodpigeons at all to night so maybe last nights birds were actually on "the shuffle".

Moving Birds:
BH Gull 131 > E
Common Gull 6 > E
LBB Gull 21 > E
Swallow 6 > S
Greenfinch 1 > NW


LBB Gull > E.... underwing (c) 2008

BH Gull juv > E.... underwing (c) 2008

The Sky Tonight... worst condition (c) 2008