Sunday, October 28, 2007

"All Species" Counts to Date


Here is a bar chart obtained from the Trektellen Oxenhope database plotting day counts of all species counted against the date. You can see that all species counts have fallen off rapidly since the big thrush arrival of 18th, 19th and 20th October. It is however expected that this will not be "the end" with the big movement of Woodpigeons still to come together with more big starling and further thrush arrivals when time and conditions are right.

At Oxenhope this autumn we have had more coverage than ever before and appart from a possible unrecorded "big pipit" day in mid September I dont think, to date, much has been missed at all. For this we need to thank all of the faithful migration counters that have contributed, the names are there on the reports for all to see....

Many Thanks to all,


Norr Hill Wilsden 28-10-2007

0930 - 1030hr
W F5, 45km, 6/8 recent torrential rain ceasing and mist clearing, QNH 1009 falling.
Revert to GMT today. A late get up this morning due to a terrible forecast of torrential rain and strong winds. No point in going up to Oxenhope for a birdless soaking!! Plus an unclinched bunting sp (probable Snow) had been flushed with the Skylarks, seen poorly and heard on the Hill yesterday evening and it might still be hanging around. No vis species seen in the sky throughout the visit although grounded Skylarks had increased from 10 to 17 overnight!! and about nine Meadow Pipits were in the animal fields. The bunting was not seen again, most likely long gone.
Grounded Birds:
Skylark 17
Mipit 9

Fly Flatts / Cold Edge Dams 28-10-2007

28/10/2007 0700-0800 hrs Early fog and drizzle followed by torrential rain. W>5

Only moving birds were:
22 Lapwing >E
29 Golden Plover >W

Looking like vis mig in this area is drawing to a close. Most moving Fieldfare and Redwing are now roosting bird feeding parties.

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 28-10-2007

Caldene Fields Watchpoint, Low Moor.


28th   of October 07 06.45 – 08.30am

Weather: A damp dull start to the morning with 100% low heavy cloud.  A strong F5 wind with average visibility to 2 mile decreasing to 1 mile with the onset of steady light rain coming in from the S/E around 08.00. Temp 12c


Comments: An awful watch due to strong wind and light rain.  Only BH Gull showed any sign of movement and a few tough Greenfinch battled against the wind.


Black Headed Gull >97 S/S/W

Wood Pigeon >7 W

Alba Wagtail > 1S + 7N/W

Redwing > 7 S/S/W

Starling > 13 W

Chaffinch > 2N/W

Greenfinch > 21 W/N/W


Martyn Priestley