Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shelf Moor... pinkies on the move 22-09-2009

22/09/2009 1845hrs Shelf Moor

Painting a relations fence at Shelf Moor tonight paid dividends when 48 P.F. Geese came over noisily > W.

There sounded to be another skein but I couldnt see them for the buildings.

B Sumner

Bingley Gorge... House Martins 21-09-2009

Thought you might like to know that 180 to 200 House Martins were feeding above Bingley Gorge yesterday afternoon, 21st Sept, between Alter lane and Marley Hall. At first they were very high in the sky but came lower when it started to rain. I've seen similar numbers of feeding House Martins other years at this time of the Autumn.


Oxenhope... at the cloudbase! 22-09-2009

Sunrise today through the driving drizzle! (c) 2009

At the Cloudbase... looking east (c) 2009

Late morning... cloudbase lifting... heavier rain (c) 2009

0650 - 1100hr Dave Barker, Howard Creber, Shaun Radcliffe, John Preshaw
SW F5/6, 12degC at 0630, 100 - 6000m, 8/8 fog stratus with horizontal driving drizzle, QNH 1017 falling

Out to the east initially it was a clear and sunny morning with a good sunrise.... shrouded here by horizontal driving drizzle off the moor. An awful morning to be out both on account of the weather and an almost complete absence of moving birds!! Behind the wall however it was quite dry allowing and extended stay with variable distance views, in the hope that things would improve... but they diddent! Often we were above the cloudbase of the fog stratus streaming off the moor but sometimes just below it. Just a few mipits were still going for it despite the strengthening wind and it was an education to see them struggle! Snipe were still going west and did not appear to struggle despite the conditions. Gulls as ever were happy in the winds but there were many fewer today.

Moving birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 85 > S with a few W
alba wagtail 2 > SW
LBB Gull 35 > S
Starling 2 > W
Swallow 8 > S
Snipe 14 > W biggest party 7
Cormorant 1 > S
Common Gull 2 > W
BH Gull 7 > S
Goldfinch 2 > W

Stonechat 1

Chairmen past and present.... and an "off comed vis freak"! (c) 2009