Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lippersley Pike 20-09-2005

Interesting parallels Andy, Dave.
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From: Andy Jowett
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Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 9:45 PM

Today there were many Swallows and Mipits moving west and north west over Lippersley Pike just off Timble Ings Plantation. There was a Wheatear there too. The wood seemed to hold large numbers of Goldcrest and Coal Tits. We also had 4 parties of Snipe west over Lippersley Pike - 6+5+5+2 = 17 total.



Interesting Stuff Simon – a different perspective to what you see standing in one place!! Dave.

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From: Simon Goodwin
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Subject: Mipits

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""I am almost certain that our own local mipits are now long gone (at least from our moors) due to long gaps with no birds followed by frequent surges of birds moving through rapidly in set directions ""

Yesterday (19th) walked from Cow&Calf to Swastika Stone and back on two separate paths and had about 70 Mipits. All disturbed by us, well spread out and not particularly flighty or in groups. Today on walk east of Threshfield there were similar numbers and behaviour.

This was in contrast to walk from Bradup to above Swastika Stone on 31st August when c100 were very flighty (not obviously being disturbed by us) and active and in groups. Also walk over Burley Moor on 6th Sept when c230 showed similar behaviour.

Just from a casual observation point of view the recent birds 'felt' like local birds and the earlier ones seemed more likely to be on migration.

Incidentally those Skylark on Sharp Haw seemed to be held up by a strong easterly(!) wind.


Oxenhope 20-09-2005

Many thanks Rod, Dave.
Paul Clough 20-09-2005
0845 – 1000hr (Rod Procter)

Moving Birds:
Chaffinch 44 > W
Goldfinch 35 >W
Meadow Pipit 23 > W
Blackbird 5
Great Tit 7 > W
Chiffchaff 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker 3 left the wood
Starling 8 > W

Long Nab 20-09-2005
1000 – 1030hr
Meadow Pipit 30 > W (60 per hour)

Oxenhope 20-09-2005
Osprey 1 > E


Watchpoint 20-09-2005

Members only watchpoint 20-09-2005.
Tuesday 20th September 2005
0755 - 1015hr (DCB)
Weather and Sky:
An improving morning with breaking cloud and increasing visibility. Always more cloud to the west. Wind: Initially WSW F2 @ 0630, then WSW F3 by 0800hr, becoming W F3 and rising by 1015hr. Temp: initially 13 @ 0630, and finally 14 by 1015hr air always feeling damp. Visibility: Flasby Fells (NNW) and Ferrybridge (E), improving slightly later on. Cloud: initially low stratus 8ok at 0630, soon breaking to become deep and low stratocumulus. Cloudblock and variable fractus streaming off the moors. Initially from the watchpoint it could be seen that to the east, skies were open except for cirrostratus 8ok with only a small amount of cu humilis, whilst to the west deep cumulus up to congestus was always variably present and gradually spreading northward and westwards. Pressure: static overnight but rising slightly during the morning. 1021 @ 0630, 1023hpa by 1015hr.

First impression when arriving at the locked gates was that there were a lot a Blackbirds about, in the low vegetation and the wood generally Goldcrests were calling and Coal Tits still about were in evidence. At the other end of the wood at the third gate – exactly the same, nothing counted but that must mean something! At the watchpoint Meadow Pipits were immediately both heard and seen going overhead, even before getting out of the car, so the count today will be very incomplete, must get up sooner!! Nearly all were going west and when the nearer ones started to get a bit thin by 0900hr, scoping out over the cols and lower ground soon got the numbers back up again, so again, its only as much as one pair of eyes could see!! Chaffinch were very prominent, a total of 105, mainly from 0900hr onwards and all except a few were going west. The first Swallows were noted at 0840hr, the forerunners of a big wave of nearly 200 birds all high and going south-east direct, with absoluetely no messing about this morning! The first House Martins were not noted until a few were scoped, exceptionally high and again all going south-east and direct. Continuing Snipe movement was all west with a total of 13 noted in three groups. Last but not least almost as leaving were a group of distant grey geese, assumed to be Pink-feet, far out to the north-west, also high and going straight SSE. There may well have been more distant geese this morning, but owing to pressure of other birds, the goose tracks were hardly watched. Interesting were a total of six Magpies in bits all going north-west.

Moving Birds:

Meadow Pipit 327 > W and SW
Goldfinch 31 > S and W
Grey Wagtail 2 > W
Siskin 21 > SW
Linnet 14 > W
Greenfinch 5 > W
Mistle Thrush 6 > W
Reed Bunting 1 > W
Swallow 238 > SE
House Martin 37 > SE
Starling 7 > W
Pipit sp 1 > WNW
Snipe 13 > W
Magpie 6 > NW
Pink-footed Goose 17 > SSE

Lapwing 16
Lesser Black-backed Gull 30
Common Gull 3
Carrion crow 55
Jackdaw 30

The sky this morning (east) 20th September 2005 (c) Posted by Picasa
The sky this morning (west) 20th September 2005 (c) Posted by Picasa