Monday, March 30, 2009

Swallows 30-03-2009

Interesting stuff M, Howard and myself were hoping it would happen on Sunday on the front of the high pressure but not to be!.... oh well, the wave came a day late! when conditions were warmer.

The first Bradford Swallow ( a single feeding over Oxenhope village) so far as I know was on Saturday 28th in the evening, RHP.


Part of a email received from a friend from Darwen, Lancs this evening.

Dave, et al,

Swallows moving this morning (30th) - very fine drizzle and low cloud/mist at first light. Kept bobbing out at home during the morning (with v. large umbrella!) and ones and twos still coming.

By midday, the rain had stopped and so watched for a further 4 hours. Ended up with a grand total c120 moving up from S and SE with most heading off WNW. Largest number I`ve ever had so early in the year. Also, Redwings moving last night.


WHARFEDALE 30th March 2009

Hey up lads,

An Osprey has reached us!

Just to confirm same OSPREY seen several times p.m. - first occasion the bird circled the fell for about 10 minutes, giving really good views.

On the vis-mig front, there was a strong and constant flow of Mipits up the dale throughout the day - and a passing raptor put up literally a swarm of mipits on the top of the fell. Also 6 House Martins passed thro` the dale ( presumed to be different birds).

Cheers Howard.