Sunday, August 20, 2006

Watchpoint 20-08-2006

Members Only Watchpoint 20-08-2006
Sunday 20th August 2006
0730 – 1120hr. DCB / BV
Weather and Sky:
An improving morning but only slowly, but then with dramatic results, following sudden raising of both cloudbase and temperature. Wind: WNW F2 increasing F4. Temperature: 13 increasing 17degC. Visibility: Keighley Moor / Wilsden, becoming 20km. Precipitation: frequent driving drizzle. Cloud: fog stratus, stratocumulus and fractus. Pressure: 1008 rising 1012hPa.

A morning worth waiting for but with virtually nothing prior to 1000hr!!!!!…… then the floodgates opened with an intense wave of Swallows, all moving west at c 200per hr during the last 90 minutes of the watch. Two observers were counting during the strongest period and additional eyes would have found even more across the broad front of the move. BS at Cold Edge, over the hill to the south also picked up this broad front push after lifting of cloud and raising of temperature on the very edge of the improving weather and we got it almost simultaneously.

Moving birds:
Swallow 295 > W
House Martin 6 > W
Swift 2 > SW
Goldfinch 42 > W
Common Gull 27 > SW
Greenfinch 12 > SW
Meadow Pipit 16 > W

Wheatear 5
Ringed Plover 6
Redshank 1
Goosander 5

Willow Warblers in the garden at home this morning but none on the moor.

Note omission of Spot Fly, from yesterdays report!