Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oxenhope 26-07-2008 eve

LBBGulls > high NW (c) 2008

1830 - 2120hr
W F2 falling F1, 20degC, Haze 15km increasing 60km, 1/8, QNH 1017 rising

Not the diversity in the birds tonight, a total contrast in all respects to last nights stormy picture. Again a large pre roost gathering with the majority of the small gulls leaving ENE at 1940hr and again at 2015hr. LBBGulls constantly overflying and filtering off NW all evening with a mass departure into the sun in multiple lines and skeins NW at 2100hrs. A few mipits overflew west as the evening progressed and several Pied Wagtails overflew SE presumeably to roost. By 2105hr the reservoir was deserted with not a gull to be seen on the water. Interesting that right up to past sunset the late LBBGulls high in the sky were all moving hard south!!

LBB Gull 810 > NW
BHGull 460 > ENE
Herring Gull 1 > NW
Common Gull 9 > ENE
Meadow Pipit 11 > W
Pied Wagtail 7 > SE


LBBGulls > NW (c) 2008

LBBGulls > NW (c) 2008

Sunset Tonight (c) 2008

Oxenhope 26-07-2008

Open Skies this Morning (c) 2008

LBBGulls > N (c) 2008

0650 - 1100 hrs
W F2, 13 rising 26degC, Haze 20km, 1/8 cirrus... cu humillis, QNH 1015 rising

A band of northward moving thunderstorms overnight along the Pennines now cleared leaving a progressively improving morning with rolling fog banks initially in the hills soon burning off and becoming very hot. Gulls were on the move both N and S with many overflying. A Peregrine about for much of the morning moved on many of the gulls that did come down to the water and was a real "pest". A Kestrel flew through on level flight west and kept going until out of sight. A Grey Wag also went west and probably more Swallows went south than were apparent.

Moving Birds:
LBBGull 321 > N and S
BH Gull 562 > N and S
Common Gull 3 > S
Kestrel 1 > W
Grey Wagtail 1 > W
Swallow 16 > S
Swift 1 > SE
Common Sandpiper1


A Typical Mixed Group of Overflying Gulls > S (c) 2008

Kestrel > W (c) 2008

Drinking Swallows (c) 2008

LBBGulls > N (c) 2008

Airedale 25-07-2008

There is certainly some movement of birds along the valleys recently. Stockbridge has had a juv Redstart and a family of Spotted Fly, Golcar Farm also had a Redstart. Swifts at Stockbridge have built up to 50. The odd Common Gull is now turning up.