Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wilsden Tonight 30-08-2007

Sunset (c) 2007

1850 - 1950hr
W F2/3, 2/8, clear, cool, dry.

Meadow Pipit 27 > W


Oxenhope Watchpoint 30-08-2007

Low Cloud and Drizzle (c) 2007

Cloud down over the western hills (c) 2007

0730 - 1100hr
W F5 reducing later, 60km, 7/8, humid, not cold, lightest of drizzle at times, cloud down over western hills with a very low base and scud over the watchpoint.

Despite the conditions Meadow Pipits were moving through constantly from the word go, through to about 1030hr. All were going west, with most low and all were finding it a struggle to negociate the wind blast above the wave wall.
Just a few Swallows were seen also going west but they were very difficult to pick out as they passed close to the ground so there would have been many more than I counted. Otherwise just a few LBB Gulls > NW and an alba wag > also W.

Moving birds:
Meadow Pipit 76 > W
Swallow 11 > W
Alba Wagtail 1 > W
LBB Gull 21 > NW
BH Gull 2 > W
Peregrine 1