Saturday, May 07, 2005

Watchpoint 07-05-2005

Members only watchpoint 07-05-2005
Saturday 7th May 2005
0820 - 1030hr
Weather and Sky:
A deteriorating morning with quickly increasing cloud and rising wind but remaining dry throughout. Wind: initially W F3 @ 0645, becoming WNW F5 by 0830, NW F5 gusting F6 by 0930, then WNW similar until leaving. Temp: initially 6 dp 4 @ 0645, then 8 (7 @ wp) dp 4 by 0845, becoming 9(7.3 @ wp) dp 3 by 0945 and remaining similar. Visibility: initially 52km max NW (Bowland Fells), 90km NE (Cleveland Hills) 102km max E (Humber Bridge), then increasing to 60km+ NW by 0900 and remaining similar. Cloud: initially altostratus 2ok @ 0645, becoming deep cumulus with strato base spreading quickly from NW and altocumulus / shallow stratocumulus to east and tracking east total 6ok by 0830. Then rapidly becoming cu congestus from NW, tracking east before reducing mediocris with some altostratus lenticularis mid by 0900. Developing to cumulonimbus capillatus to far west and south-west by 1000 (always more cloud to W and SW throughout morning). Elsewhere becoming stratocumulus 6ok by 1030. Generally milky cirrostratus to far east, but this lacking o/h and to far NW. Pressure: continuing to fall during early part of night, then becoming static c1009 and remaing similar during morning.

A poor morning. Very little bird movement at all with only 21 Swift going north and 25 Lesser black-backed Gulls, north-west being all that was seen. Nearly all of the Swifts were low and seen coming off of the water at the north end and straight on north.

Moving birds:
Swift 21 > N
Lesser black-backed Gull 25 > NW