Saturday, June 18, 2005

Watchpoint 18-06-2005

Members only watchpoint 18-06-2005
Saturday 18th June 2005
1420 - 1700hr
Weather and Sky:
A hot and sunny afternoon, after an overcast earlier part of the morning. Wind: S F3 / 4 variable. Temp: 24 dp 17 initially, increasing 26 dp 18. Visibility: very hazy, Settle NNW, Kippax E. Cloud: much cirrus and cirrostratus especially to east, same but with cu mediocris o/h and to west, total c 3ok. Pressure: falling since early morning with 1024 at 1400hr and 1022 by 1700hr.

Initially very little movement at all, not even any gulls! At 1530hr two groups of Starlings were noted crossing the valley below to the east, going west, first a group of c150 followed by a smaller group of 27. These continued low over the in-bye and off out over the moor. These were the only Starling seen during the afternoon. The first Swift was noted > SW at c1545hr after this there was a steady trickle of birds passing through, none of which were especially high and all going generally south and south-west into the wind. Generally more passed towards the end of the afternoon with 22 going south-west between 1635 and 1650hr. Otherwise five Curlew and a single Oystercatcher went west.

Moving birds:
Swift 54 > S but mainly SW
Starling 177 > W in two groups
Curlew 5 > W
Oystercatcher 1 > W

Curlew 36 post breeding congregation
Lapwing 61 ditto
Oystercatcher 6 ditto
Gulls BHG and LBBG c20 loafing.

Where have our big Starling post breeding congregations (of a few weeks ago) gone. Not one to be seen now. Who is getting Starling juvs in any numbers? Somebody must av em somewhere.