Friday, August 03, 2007

Swifts dusk 03-08-2007

Since sending the last e mail with no Swifts a steady flow >S started at 2030hrs with 12 so far.
Hi Brian again,
Fortunately picked your mail up as soon as it arrived and looked out here. Intriguing this.... I'm getting Swifts as well now - 6 in fifteen minutes going west and still moving now at 2110hr... quite dusky with the heavy cloud.... all birds fast and direct.

Queensbury Swifts 02/03/-08-2007

2 Swifts >SW over Queensbury last night Dave but same as you tonight with none.

Wilsden Swifts 02/03-08-2007

Last evening Thursday 2nd August:
clear blue skies W F3, brilliant sun
just six Swifts > West in a one hour count.

This evening Friday 3rd August:
overcast WSW F3, humid but dry.
not a single Swift in a one hour count.


Oxenhope 03-08-2007

Rod Proctor reported 2 Ospreys over Oxenhope flying south at 0830 today.
Brian Vickers