Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oxenhope.... DEEP FOG!! 31-10-2010

Oxenhope, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Sunday 31 October 2010
Counting period: 6:40-10:00
Weather: E F1, 5degC, 50-100m, 9/8 deep fog, QNH 999 rising
Observers: Dave Barker, Howard Creber

Moving birds:
Fieldfare 2 -
Redwing 2 -

Totals: 4 individuals, 2 species, 3:20 hours

Comments: GMT starts today. Open sky overnight til c0400hr then overcast with deep fogs for the rest of the day. Wind from an easterly qtr and QNH rising all day. A terrible day with the only movement recorded being calls from both Redwing and Fieldfare overflying through the fogs and all before the none event sunrise!

Dave and Howard
Counting period: 14:30-16:30
Weather: NE F2, 9degC, 50-300m, 9/8 deep fog and drizzle, QNH 1003 rising
Observers: Dave Barker

Totals: 0 individuals, 0 species, 2:00 hours

Comments: Even worse than this morning despite a period of improving visibility... no flying birds whatsoever!