Sunday, June 26, 2005

Watchpoint 26-06-2005

Members only watchpoint 26-06-2005
Sunday 26th June 2005
1415 - 1715hr
Weather and Sky:
A very warm hazy afternoon with initially very light NE wind swinging SE. Wind: initially NE F1, gradually changing SE F2 but very variable. Temp: 19 dp 10. Visibility: Ingleborough / Drax max, very hazy. Cloud: initially cumulus mediocris 4ok, remaining similar but very variable and some towering cumulus. Pressure: steady, then falling slightly 1027 – 1026.

Burnet Moth (c)DCB - got to watch something when birds are few!!

Very little movement at all except for the Swifts. A total initial (1430hr) count of c360 were present very high over the Worth basin and the head of the valley. These were feeding and gradually moving north-east / east into the breeze. An hour later not a Swift was to be seen in this direction as they had all moved on, not to be replaced by others. Lower numbers did however appear later in the afternoon but most were still very high. The only wading birds seen to be on the move were three Curlew going west and no Lapwings at all. No Starlings either. Gulls (LBBG and BHG) were on the move in small numbers in two streams: very high from north to south and the more usual lower ones going north-west.

Moving birds:
Swift 432 > mainly NE / E
Curlew 3 > W

Cockatiel (grey) very active and noisy around wood.