Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fly Flatts 11-03-2007

11/03/2007 dry,cloudy, cold WSW>6

Fly Flatts Reservoir

First sign this morning of Mipit movement after a phone call from DCB to say he was getting movement at his watchpoint.

11 Mipit > NW
4 Alba Wagtail > W

Several Lapwings now displaying.

Nearby Cold Edge Dams, Several blogging Mipits and Frogs spawning in water holes on moor


Oxenhope this Morning 11-03-2007

A Wild and Windy Morning - looking South (c) 2007
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Oxenhope Watchpoint 11-03-2007

Oxenhope Watchpoint 11-03-2007 0720 - 1000hrs

Here is the link to the report:

Meadow Pipit influx today.


Meadow Pipit Alert 11-03-2007

First larger influx to the hills here in West Yorks this morning with 49 > NW throughout the morning (0720 - 1000hrs). Threes and Five being the biggest groups. Most but not all using the shelter of the embankment to move and all struggling greatly when cutting into the W F6 wind. Note that only c20km to the east sky much clearer and wind light and variable!!