Saturday, August 06, 2005

Watchpoint - PERMITS

Will all members visiting please make sure they carry current 2005-06 membership card when visiting and display permit.
Many thanks,
Bradford Ornithological Group.

Cold Edge Dams 06-08-2005 eve

Thanks for that Brian, mipits interesting as none at my site. Dave.
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2 Wheatears present which is good for this area. Several blogging Mipits have arrived here since my last visit on Wed night.
1 Dunlin.
2 Lapwing.

Watchpoint 06-08-2005

Members only watchpoint 06-08-2005
Saturday 6th August 2005
(morning)0835 – 1045hr
Weather and Sky:
An improving morning. Wind: NW F4. Temp: 11 rising 14. Visibility: Ingleborough / Drax. Cloud: Cirrus / cirrostratus, Altostratus, with a small amount of cu mediocris, 4ok becoming cu mediocris / stratocumulus 5ok. Pressure: falling slowly 1019hpa.

An exceptionally poor morning with no hirundine movement and only four Swifts into the wind > NW.

Moving Birds:
Swift 4 > NW

Some other:
Ringed Plover 3
Pintail 2

(afternoon) 1500 – 1700hrs
An improving afternoon with improving visibility, reducing cloud but wind increased. Wind W F5, Temp: 16 rising 17. Visibility: >Leck Fell, Humber Bridge. Cloud: reducing cu mediocris 2ok. Pressure: falling 1018hpa.

A much better afternoon than the morning was with Swifts moving strongly cWSW, throughout the visit, with more towards the end than at the beginning. Between 1530 and 1700 a total of 172 were counted passing. Most of the Swifts were seen coming out of Airedale over the col to the south-east of the watchpoint. Most were in the lower airspace, below or not far above the horizon. Again no sign at all of any hirundine movement at all, just the local breeders. Also very notable that pipits were totally absent, with other passerines very few.

Moving Birds:
Swift 172 > c WSW = rate of 114 per hour.

Some other:
Dunlin 1
Ringed Plover 1
Snipe 1
Wheatear 1
Reed Bunting 1

Reed Bunting (c) Posted by Picasa