Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oxenhope.... influx! 18-08-2010

Infant congestus.... not much more than fractus (c) 2010

Someone else's cunim at dusk! and far to the NE.... (c) 2010

1400 - 1530hr

BH Gull 254
LBB Gull 225
Yellow legged Gull 1
Common Gull 1
Teal 2


W F3/4, 14degC, 65km, 2/8, QNH 1005 falling
1840 - 2100hr

Open sky overnight becoming broken during daylight hours until early pm when heavy shower, then improving late pm and evening. Light to moderate wind from westerly quarter, almost dry with QNH gradually falling throughout. The rapidy developing congestus out of the west was different... with dark and evil masses towering overhead by the time I left. Tremendous influx of gulls, especially BHG by early evening suggesting a big movement this afternoon and still coming in with very many in the fields remaining uncounted.... no count of flying gulls tonight as it was just impractical but the vast majority had moved on by dusk. A good resurgence of Meadow Pipits west and most interestingly a Tree Pipit calling overhead going SW, the first evening record ever for me of this common diurnal migrant!!

BH Gull 864 present
LBB Gull 531 present
Meadow Pipit 79 > W
Tree Pipit 1 > SW
Curlew 2


Rombalds Moor... spotted another! 18-08-2010

Searching for these night migrants took me today to Holden Beck woods, near Silsden but only saw of interest, a flock of 15 Redpoll and 4 Siskin.
Tried my luck near to Whetstone Gate with a Whitethroat seen amongst the bracken and a Spotted Flycatcher in the wood next to Upwood Hall Farm.
Down at the local reserve tomorrow.

Shaun Radcliffe