Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thruscross 10/11-04-2009

10/4/09 07.30-1000 J Blacker, A Hanby.

8/8 cloud light intermittent rain.
A grim day lightened only by the good banter of the throng(well two of us).

Meadow Pipit 19N

Swallow 7N, 6s - so no concerted movement

Lesser Black Backed Gull 8NE

Linnet 1 S

11/4/09 06.10-1210 J Blacker, A Hanby.

An interesting albeit slow day with treats evenly spread in a desert of nothingness!!! Meadow pipits were soundly beaten by Siskins today.

7/8 cloud at first, 4/8 later. Dry.

Marsh Harrier 1WNW- 10.50 hrs dark immature bird.

Golden Plover 38NW (plus circa 100 in the area)

Little Ringed Plover 1N

Ring Ouzel 4N - 2 lots of two all in first 30 mins

Fieldfare 93 in three flocks SE (48, 10, 35)

Mistle thrush -1N

Great spotted woodpecker 1N - pursued for a while by the two local birds!

Siskin 71N

Redpoll 2N

Meadow Pipit 57N

Alba 2N

Swallow 10N ( with some 'to ing and fro ing'

Sand Martin 9N

House Martin 1N

Lesser Black Backed Gull 8NW

Linnet 1 S

Crossbill 2 N then 2 S later- net 0 movement!

Andrew and John

Oxenhope 11-04-2009

Open Sky to the very far NW, Stratocumulus perlucidus O/H... early am (c) 2009

Stratus... looking east.... early am (c) 2009

Cumulus mediocris becoming Stratocumulus..... late am (c) 2009

Pied Wagtail male.... at war! (c) 2009

Wheatear fall.... late morning gatherings (c) 2009

0630 - 1230hr DB
WF1 becoming Calm then NW F2, 5degC rising, 65km reducing 35km, 7/8 becoming 3/8, QNH 1006 rising.

OXENHOPE SENTRY: Although the sky looked right.... stratus with a base at c4000ft, a terrible flat morning for moving birds. The few birds were easy to see as they moved across and we know we saw what there was! No continuation of the mipit push noted yesterday but Swallows did continue but only thinly to move north, mainly in singles, some high, some low. Four Swallows together was the maximum number. A single Shelduck was picked up moving NW (over the moor to the south). It struck out over the worth basin and continued on. A single species group of Herring Gulls > NW was interesting, early am, as was the more normal passage of LBB Gulls, again all NW. At lunch time, the first time noted today a diffuse Wheatear congregation was noted, probablely the product of an overnight fall. Generally very little of interest here this morning. But FOOTNOTE Ring Ouzel (2) reported this afternoon!!! (atrem)

Moving birds in order of appearance:

Swallow 25 > N
Rook 1 > NE
Greenfinch 3 > NW
C Crow 12 > N
Sand Martin 2 > N
Herring Gull 9 > NW
Linnet 1 > S
Meadow Pipit 24 > NW and N
Lapwing 2 > NW v high
Golden Plover 1 > NE
Kestrel 1 > N
alba wagtail 2 > NW
Shelduck 1 > NW @ 0825hr
Sparrowhawk 1 > N
Lesser BB Gull 64 > NW
Wheatear 9 fall first noted mid day

Redshank 2
Oystercatcher 2
Ring Ouzel 2 (pm) atrem


Here is Howards report from our new spring watchpoint just over the hill:

Hey up Dave,

0700 - 1125hr HC
Dribs and drabs only today I`m afraid :-

Meadow Pipit - 14 NW
Sand Martin - 1 NW
Swallow - 4 in group NW
Linnet - 4 (2 pairs ) W
Herring Gull - 1 NW
SEO - appeared high from NE and moved off W

Others :-

Redshank on res bank
Kestrel - 3
Golden Plover - 2 on hill top
Lots of blogging mipits and Curlews.
Canada Geese and Mallards on res.