Sunday, May 03, 2009

Oxenhope 03-05-2009

Curlews still going > N and NW (c) 2009

Reed Bunting near in (c) 2009

Dunlin on the Pitchings (c) 2009 Double Click the image!!!

Lesser black backed Gulls still going for it! (c) 2009

0700 - 1200hr D Barker / H Creber
W F5 gusting F7, 6degC initially, 30 increasing 100km+, 3/8 - 8/8 variable, heavy showers at times, QNH 1023 rising.

Just too windy up here for much movement to be seen. A very heavy downpour just before and at first light probably put the mockers on it as well. A few Swallows were noted moving low NW along and in the lee of the embankment so there could have been more low unseen. Numbers definately picked up as the morning progressed. LBB Gulls were still going for it moving high and struggling into the wind throughout the morning.... some of the more distant ones remined uncounted today. Very interestingly Curlews were still on the move NW, also all that were seen going high. The best bird of the day, not vis but a product of the conditions of the day was a pristine female White Wagtail being chivvied away by first a male Pied and then later on a female!! Close viewes were brief but it remained scopeable for a considerable period of time. A Grey Heron passed low over the water and kept on going way out over the Worth Basin NW. A chacking Ring Ouzel remained unseen!

PS: BS reported a good early move of Swallows just after rain had stopped all low and fast > N. 48 between 0715-0730hr at Ogden just over the hill.

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

Lesser black backed Gull 78 > NW
Herring Gull 1 > NW
Redpoll 1 > SE
Cormorant 1 > NE
Curlew 5 > NW
Goldfinch 5 > SE
C Crow 6 > N
Swallow 27 > NW
Greenfinch 1 > SE
Grey Heron 1 > NW

White Wagtail 1F
Dunlin 2
Ring Ouzel 1 heard


Thruscross and Sandwith Moor 03-05-2009

Truth be told a bit disappointing, though not sure why as it ought to be a good wind for movement. A fair number of swallow's moving to keep us busy esp over Sandwith Moor.

Thruscross Res., 06:45-8:55
Wind increasing F4 NW; Temp 6oC ; Cloud: 4/8 ; Vis 40km

All NW unless otherwise stated
Cuckoo 1 SW + 1 heard
Swallow 12
Linnet 2 W
Chaffinch 5
Carrion Crow 7
Rook 1 W
Woodpigeon 10
Stock Dove 1
Canada Geese 13 W
Herring Gull 2
Greylag 1
Grey Heron 1 N

Sandwith Moor., 09:05-11:00
Wind 4 NW; Temp 6oC ; Cloud: 4/8 ; Vis 40km

Swallow 85 N
House Martin 2 N
Swift 1 NW
Wheatear 3 N?

John Blacker and Andy Hanby

Thruscross 02-05-2009

Steady movement of Swallows through, otherwise fairly quiet. Tomorrows NW may be better

2nd May 2009, 06:45-11:00 Thruscross Res.,
Wind 1-2 W-SW; Temp 11degC ; Cloud: 1/8-4/8 ; Vis 40km

Swallow 28
Swift 1
Siskin 9
Redpoll 13
Carrion Crow 7
Woodpigeon 26
Greylag 1
Jay 1
Grey Heron 1 N
Lapwing 2W 4S
Merlin 1 S

Local: Common Sandpiper 2, Wood Warbler 1, Garden Warbler 1, Pied Flycatcher 2F,

John Blacker and Andy Hanby

Oxenhope 02-05-2009

Ideallic Water levels on the Horizon (c) 2009

Oystercatchers....... having a good time!! (c) 2009

0700 - 1200hr D Barker
W F3 / NW F3, 5degC initially, 12km, 3/8 cu fractus increasing 7/8 stratocumulus, dry, QNH 1027 rising then steady.

A slow poor morning with little in the sky. LBB Gulls picked up again in relation to yesterday and a handfull of Swallows all moving NW. Otherwise not really worth counting except to prove negative!! Still no Swifts from this watchpoint. Water level -900 (a 40mm drop overnight!).

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

LBB Gull 51 > NW
Woodpigeon 1 > E
Swallow 21 > NW
Sparrowhawk 1 > NE
Goldfinch 6 > NW
C Crow 4 > N
Oystercatcher 4 > W
Ringed Plover 1 heard
Cuckoo 1 heard in Oxenhope / Leeming village.

1620 - 1830hr
W F3, 14degC, 55km, dry, 2/8 cu various, QNH 1027 steady.

An improving afternoon with Swallows now moving NW, together with the LBB Gulls. Several mipits high and fast > NE as well. The first Swift for the watchpoint this year went into the wind W > over the water.

Moving Birds:

Swallow 63 > N and NW
House Martin 3 > NW
Swift 1 > W
LBB Gull 108 > NW
Meadow Pipit 5 > NE
Wheatear 2 F > N


Oxenhope 01-05-2009

Cookridge Tower on the Horizon (c) 2009

Early Morning Sky.... looking east (c) 2009

Multi Cirro Skyscape.... mid morning (c) 2009

Grey Wagtail in Song (c) 2009

Willow Warbler in Song (c) 2009

Many Wheatears Congregating.... very tame (c) 2009

0700 - 1100 D Barker
SF3 increasing later, 10degC, 30km increasing, 8/8 stratus o/h reducing 2/8, dry, QNH 1021 steady.

A dry overcast night. A poor morning with poor visibility and very little in the sky. Last weekends LBB Gulls appeared to have mostly moved through with only 26 seen today and none in the Cullingworth Fields. No moving hirundines were noted and there were still no Swifts. The main interest was from a large loose congregation of Wheatears on the many broken walls across the in-bye to the east of the watchpoint. By determined scoping a total of 15 were counted with two on the wave wall later in the morning. A Whinchat was singing in the reserve. As requested by Chris last weekend, the water level was -725, today -860 and still falling despite the heavy rain..... -975 is the magic level.... so not far to go now!!

Moving birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 1 > NW
LBB Gull 26 > NW
Goldfinch 3 > NW

Wheatear 17